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Jane Zhang von mother denounced Ke   hand Insider: Jane Zhang as a son-in-law of Feng Ke mistress? Respond to the six point explanation — Shandong channel: people.com.cn original title: Jane Zhang’s mother denounced Feng Ke hand son-in-law Insider: Jane Zhang as a mistress? Feng Ke responded six explain the original title: Jane Zhang mother hand son-in-law Jane Zhang when Insider: a mistress? Feng Ke responded to Liangying in 2005 six point game fame, for our feelings, she did not because of external conditions change due to any change, even when the game is not the end of the show told reporters: "I have a stable relationship". This is also the place where she makes me feel very moved. Later, we came to Beijing to start our common career, eleven years. In the busy period, we had a dispute, tired, misunderstood, but we are still walking towards our happiness, also has arrived in 2016. In my heart, I decided that I would never find a better girl than Liangying. So I will use my whole life to cherish her good, her kindness. I assure you that my love for Liangying has been going on for 13 years, and then we will begin the process of marriage, which can stand the test of time. Of course, I will try my best, with mother Liangying continue to do communication, hoping to gain her trust, to make her believe that I am genuinely and sincerely love Liangying. Please read this letter so all friends together to witness for me! (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin) 张靓颖母亲斥冯轲 手撕女婿内幕:张靓颖当过小三?冯柯回应六点解释–山东频道–人民网 原标题:张靓颖母亲斥冯轲 手撕女婿内幕:张靓颖当过小三?冯柯回应六点解释   原标题:张靓颖妈妈手撕女婿内幕:张靓颖当过小三?冯柯回应六点解释   靓颖在2005年的比赛中一举成名,对于我们的感情,她没有因为外部条件的改变而产生任何改变,甚至在比赛还没结束的时候就跟记者表明“我有一份稳定的感情”。这也是她让我无比认定和感动的地方。后来,我们来到北京开始我们共同的事业打拼,一待就是十一年。忙碌当中,我们有过争执,有过疲惫,有过误解,但我们还在朝我们的幸福走着,也已经走到了2016年。   在我的心里,我认定不会再找到比靓颖更好的女孩了。所以我会用我的一生去珍惜她的好,她的善良。我在此保证,我对于靓颖的爱走过了13年,接下来我们将开始婚姻的历程,这一切经得起时间的考验。当然,我会尽我的全力,跟靓颖妈妈继续做沟通,希望能够获得她的信任,能够让她相信,我是真心真意的爱靓颖。也请所有看到这封信的所以朋友们,共同为我见证! (责编:刘颖婕、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: