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.puters-and-Technology iPhone application development has be.e a big business with iPhone apps being created for every imaginable product and concept. While some iPhone apps give greater facility to business, while some others add value to life. And there are some other apps that a just pure fun! This article lists 5 must-have apps that every iPhone user should have. iPhone application development took off with a bang a few years ago, and today there are a number of .panies developing innovative and fun apps. Its not easy (actually, its impossible) to choose five of the best iPhone apps for 2011 as an incredibly large number of apps have been developed in first quarter of the year. We have formed a list of 5 best iPhone apps on the basis of their popularity, their usefulness and their capacity to entertain and instruct. This is obviously not an authoritative list, but while these may not be the best apps for the year, they are definitely worthy enough to occupy a few megabytes of your phone memory! Schedulicity: Missed any important appointment recently? Or did your phone remind you about a meeting scheduled five minutes later while you were 20 miles away from the destination of the meeting and heading in the opposite direction? Schedulicity has been, since a long time, very popular software service for .puters, and now it has found its way to the iPhone. Now you dont need a .puter to manage you day: you can do it over you iPhone, and your smartphone will remind you of the meeting in time. This app has already caught the imagination of entrepreneurs running small businesses as it not just makes managing business schedules easier, it also make it fun! Star Walk: This app is the perfect example of how well iPhone application development can .bine fun with utility. When you are getting bored at your office desk, you can take off with this app, check out our galaxy, and even travel through time! But the app is not just a fun app; it is also very useful for people studying astronomy as amateurs or professionals. Using its Telrad feature, you can measure distances (angular) between stars and the app also has a substantial catalogue detailing objects in the galaxy. Kindle: It been a long time since Kindle created its big splash in the market, and while it has lost its wow! factor, its still selling steadily. For people whove graduated from reading on .puters to reading on their iPhones, this is the best book app for iPhone available in the market. The Kindle app is wonderful for people who enjoy reading, but dont like to carry books around. It also allows you to tap a word to see its meaning on Google, Wikipedia or an inbuilt dictionary. Bear Grylls: Aptly named about a man who is known as Britains Born Survivor, this app ha every survival tip youd ever need. Not many are likely to be stranded on a deserted island or fall off a cliff into a cold stream, but those who do will be much better off with this app in their iPhone! CoPilot 9: This app shows that iPhone application development is not just about functionality, but also about imagination. Google navigation devices are quite good at what they do, but CoPilot 9 does it in a better style. Not only does the latest version of the CoPilot 9 gives you various routes to reach your destination, it also has a walking mode that helps you navigate your way through select cities on your foot (great when youre trying to walk home after a pint too many!). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: