Installing And Maintaining Wooden Shingle

UnCategorized Wooden shingle roofing offers a unique aesthetic value to a home; however, they require two basic things for maximum effect and lifespan: proper installation and proper maintenance. Aesthetics Early American settlers made heavy use of wood as building material since it was an incredibly plentiful and cheap resource back then. It only made sense for them to construct their shingles from wood. It takes a roofer who is experienced and skilled at producing period replica wooden shingles to pull off this old style of roofing correctly. The design, manufacture, and installation of wooden shingles is almost an art form, but the result of a job well done is a beautiful roof that will last many years. A deceptively newer style of wooden roofing is made to look worn, frayed, and "rustic." This style was actually never used in the old days, but remains a popular style of wooden shingle roofing today because it looks how most people think an old roof would. Installation The installation of wooden roofing has several simple dos and don’ts: *Don’t use staples for the installation of wooden. Pneumatically secured staples tend to split and damage the wood. This will result in a shorter lifespan for your roof. Use corrosive-resistant nails. *Don’t install the nails with a hammer – the hammer blows cause a lot of stress on the roof and again result in a shorter lifespan for the roofing. A properly fitted and calibrated pneumatic nail gun will reduce the stress on the wood during installation and keep your roof beautiful. *Don’t spray paint your shingles after installation. This can cause serious warping of the shingle’s surface and detract from the aesthetic value of a roof. The best method for painting shingles is to dip paint shingles prior to installation. Be sure to treat the entire surface of the shingle in order to keep the tension of the wood fibers consistent. Proper installation of wooden roofing requires the experience, knowledge, and finesse of a professional. Maintenance The goal of regular maintenance is to extend the life of a wooden shingle roof. Maintenance involves several important measures: *Regular inspection for and removal of debris: oLeaves/Pine Needles oMoss oDirt *Routine recoating of any wood treatments applied to the shingles. *Regular inspection and repair/replacement of loose, damaged, or missing shingles. Proper maintenance can add years to the life of your beautiful roofing. If all of these techniques are correctly applied, you should be enjoying your striking wooden shingle roofing for many years to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: