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Software In House Digital Publishing has recently introduced their new IHDP V 2.0 Digital Publishing Software (IHDP Page Flip Software). Based on the same powerful foundation of their original digital publishing page flip software, this new version reinvents what digital publishing can do. These days it is not good enough just to rely on the content of your website, you need to be able to reach your audience anywhere they are and keep their attention. Digital editions created with IHDP provide a dynamic and interactive way to share your unique content while capturing the attention of your audience with crystal clear pages, full linking, audio, video and embedded flash animation. It is no secret that budgets are getting smaller while needs are getting larger. Digital edition are ideal for sharing and posting, anywhere, anytime. Users will be able to cut back on their printing costs while reinvigorating their marketing campaigns. Digital editions provide environmental benefits as well by decreasing the carbon footprint of sharing print media utilizing this digital virtual reality format. You may have read that soon all medical documents will need to be digital and most schools and universities are also streamlining their information dissemination process and going paperless. A digital edition has also become a very effective sales tool and a wonderful medium to stimulate interest as well as showcase technology. Digital editions created with IHDP have the added benefit of being viewable on the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and the Droid while also providing strong analytics and search engine optimization. IHDP also can create a mini-flipper for catching your visitors attention and easily sharing the digital edition unique URL. .sample.inhousedigitalpublishing.com/IHDP_Sample_Magazine_05/ .sample.inhousedigitalpublishing.com/IHDP_Sample_Misc_07/ In this ever changing digital world where the road we travel has more ups and downs than ever before, IHDP provides a strong and secure compass to help businesses and individuals share their digital media effectively, efficiently, and with an eye on each companies most important asset – their audience. .www.inhousedigitalpublishing.com/samples.php?ln=en You Create It, You Host It, You Own It. ..inhousedigitalpublishing../ About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: