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Home-and-Family Jeanne Assam is a volunteer security guard at Colorado Springs New Life Church, and Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute – the nation’s largest gun training school – has acknowledged, congratulated her and thanked her for her excellent work in protecting the lives of those men, women and children who were attending the Colorado Springs church last Sunday when an armed attacker opened fire in the parking lot of the New Life Church. Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, and it’s founder Ignatius Piazza, make it a regular task to search out events, happenings and accidents which serve to illustrate the responsibility and excellence which arises in their branch of work: firearms training. When Ignatius Piazza came across the story of Jeanne Assam, the volunteer security guard (and churchgoer) of Colorado Springs New Life Church who personally stopped the armed attacker who opened fire in the parking lot, he was moved. Jeanne Assam received gun training on her own time and her own dime. She is licensed to carry a firearm in the state of Colorado. When her church, Colorado Springs New Life Church, asked her and anyone else in the congregation who had received firearms training to volunteer as security guards, she gladly accepted. For as Jeanne Assam, Front Sight, Ignatius Piazza, and any student of gun training from anywhere know, firearms training means responsibility. One gets gun training to be able to handle situations, not avoid them. So when the New Life Church asked for volunteers, she did so. Unfortunately, Ms. Assam would have to use her training. On Sunday, a young man entered the New Life Church in Colorado Springs and opened fire in the parking lot, armed with a rifle and two pistols. Estimates put the number of churchgoers in the parking lot or in the church at about 7,000. The young man opened fire on a van with people in it and ended up killing two young ladies and injuring an older man. The man then moved to the church itself, intending to get inside and start harming anyone and probably everyone he could. Luckily for every parishioner of New Life Church, Jeanne Assam heard the shots and had remembered her firearms training. "When the shots were fired, she rushed toward the scene and encountered the attacker there in a hallway. He never got more than 50 feet inside our building," said Senior Pastor Brady Boyd in an Associated Press article. "There could have been a great loss of life yesterday, and she probably saved over 100 lives." Jeanne Assam’s firearms training saved over 100 lives. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute insist that America wake up to the fact that gun training and firearms training are an absolute necessity in America, and as terrible as the Colorado Springs killings were, the fact that they were not a massacre is due to one fact, and one fact only: Jeanne Assam had firearms training. Jeanne Assam is not a professional body guard or a police officer or a member of the military, Jeanne Assam is a private citizen who voluntarily received gun training and in doing so saved – at the most humble of estimates – at least one human life. If each American could save only one human life by getting firearms training, would it not be worth it? By that math, the hero of Colorado Springs has covered for 99 Americans, when will the rest stand up and get trained? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: