Hubei Yichang – Hubei – channel rhymes sung civilization ca1810

Hubei: Yichang – Hubei – channel rhymes sung civilization Yichang 14 October, "the nursery rhymes, we inherit the tradition of Yiling; recite nursery rhymes, we are in the promotion of Yiling culture." The morning of October 13th, the Yichang 2016 outstanding "rhymes sung" activities in the town of Yiling District primary school completely yellow yellow center was held. Yichang municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, civilization office, City Board of education for the award for outstanding urban counties units and individuals in recognition of the organization. Yellow, Zhangjiakou, township primary school children live performances show excellent nursery rhymes sung. It is reported that since the Yichang civilization office since 2016 to carry out excellent nursery collection contest, to collect a total of rhymes 302 group of 143 adults, the first group of 159 first, minor. Carefully selected by experts, selected the "family tree" series I helped grandpa song and 5 works for the first prize; "circle China dream" 10 pieces for the two prize; "home" 15 pieces for the third-prize; "campus nursery rhyme" song and 30 works for the award of excellence. Yiling District civilization office and other five units to get outstanding organization award. (Liu Fei) share to: (commissioning editor: Zhang Pei, Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: