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How to have a good look? Five kinds of food makes your ruddy complexion – Food Channel — original title: how to have a good look? Five kinds of food makes you look good complexion ruddy cosmetics "makeup" does not come out, complexion of the human body are relatively healthy, face not long spot, not bloody; don’t look good in the blues, will look at the color yellow, so don’t look good, how to recuperate? Don’t look good what good. First we look at a person’s face to the health of the body organs reaction. In the five line of liver belongs to wood, liver excess grams of spleen and stomach, cause joint reaction. In addition, the mood is not good, too much pressure, irregular menstruation can lead to liver qi stagnation, resulting in dark yellow complexion. There are people of stagnation of liver Qi introverted personality, love sulking, manifested as chest tightness, often appetite is not good, sometimes belly swollen, especially before menstruation, easy to burp. Liver qi stagnation syndrome is very common in middle-aged women. There is a saying that the early treatment of kidney, middle-aged liver, spleen. In addition to look bad, some people still face chloasma or ecchymosis, ecchymosis in Chinese medicine called liver spots, is caused by stagnation of liver qi. There are relationship between ecchymosis appearance and kidney health, this is because the Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is five days, the birth of this, so many manifestations of the disease are closely related with the kidney. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is known in western medicine for endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders will appear pale, long chloasma, Hu Dieban etc., especially to the menopause has been close to menopause people prone to this problem. Pale yellow, color difference of liver qi stagnation, serious to some extent possible pain, dizziness, poor sleep, neurasthenia. The Chinese say "gas line is blood, stagnation of liver qi stagnation and blood stasis", a long time can easily lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis, and his face is not good women, most of them are caused by blood stasis, many women have uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and breast hyperplasia and thyroid disease, according to TCM theory, the source of these diseases is Qi stagnation and blood stasis. Chinese medicine emphasizes the dialectical look, should also be nursed back to health in specific conditions. There are different kinds of food to help you improve the above mentioned anomalies caused by spleen deficiency, liver depression, kidney deficiency, blood stasis, oh. Black fungus, sex sweet Ping, detoxification detoxification, Qingwei Di intestine, and blood to stop bleeding and other effects. Fungus contained in a plant gum, there is a strong adsorption force, the residue can be absorbed in the digestive system of the human body, the absorption of impurities, and then excreted in vitro, so as to play a role in detoxification of the stomach. It also has nourishing their beauty, it is the skin rosy, radiant effect, and the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, has the effect of clearing heat, cucumber thirst, diuresis, detumescence. Eating cucumbers can help to remove potentially harmful substances, such as uric acid in the blood. Cucumber taste sweet cool, with clear water, detoxification effect. On the chest heat, diuretic, etc. have a unique effect on dehumidification, intestinal slide, analgesic effect is also obvious. Lotus has a diuretic effect, can promote the rapid discharge of wastes in the body to purify the blood. Lotus is cold food. Health lotus cold, heat Chufan power, especially suitable for heat and long "acne" in patients with eating. Suitable for weakness of spleen and stomach, deficiency of Qi and blood相关的主题文章: