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.puters-and-Technology Python allows you to write the same program with much fewer lines of code than PHP. It is estimated that a typical Python or Ruby program will require 5 times fewer lines of code than a corresponding Java code. And this is what makes Python attractive as an option for startups to get started with. Getting a high quality application developed within a short time and at a fraction of the cost of developing it locally is what Python developers offshore do. The best developers in Python have knowledge in a variety of frameworks and that is what enables them to work in multiple domains. Expertise in frameworks like Django, Pinax, Zope and web2py frameworks should be tested if you are planning to outsource your work to a Python team. Mindfire Solutions is a .pany providing expert Python development India. Recently we worked in a project which was developed in Pinax. A small summary of the project and the work that we did is as given below: Executive Summary Client wanted to create a world class social networking and collaboration platform for a highly technical group of users. A key feature that client wanted was a quick and easy way for the user to create and add search content. We decided and proposed using Pinax which provides an integrated collection of Django applications that provide the most .monly needed social networking features. We also proposed highlighting of relevant content as the user types and creation of dynamic tags. Our Solution We designed and implemented a Python Django based application that makes the tagging process automatic. Whenever a user posts either a blog or question or event, the content gets tagged automatically. We used OpenCalais API to get the tags from the content that the user enters. We also used Django Supertagging App to make all content tagging processes automatic. This included implementing inline highlighting of content as user types in the content. Along with Autotagging we also allowed users to enter their own tags to make the app as flexible and user friendly as possible. We used heavy Ajax implementation and used caching to avoid repeated calls to the OpenCalais API. Once the module was ready we integrated the code with design templates provided by the client. Technologies Used Python, Django, Pinax, niginx front end, apache backend, MySql, GIT, OpenCalais REST API for tagging. The client was pleased with Mindfires effort and reckoned that they were happy to have discovered a professional offshore IT unit. We shall continue to be the service provider for the next versions of the clients product. They have not only allocated the support and maintenance work of the current system to Mindfire but have also chosen us for future customization work. At Mindfire we challenge ourselves regularly to keep learning and stay abreast of all the latest happenings in Python area. Be it a new framework or a new tool or a new way of application development, we learn aggressively and are always ready to take up new and challenging work. This zeal for learning and increasing our knowledge base translates to very good work for clients, that is why we our clients keep .ing back to us again and again. Python developers at Mindfire are very professional and ensure that we always make high quality delivery and on time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: