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Everybody would like to leave their loved ones something special when they pass away so cross stitchers and the .panies that develop cross stitch designs are now, more than ever, turning to the classics in order to produce a unique and very personal heirloom. Celebrations cross stitch Currently there is a wide range of cross-stitch designs available for you to record those special occasions, such as: the birth of a baby a wedding an anniversary a special birthday. You can hang these cross stitch pictures on a wall for a life time and not only will they bring back fond memories of the occasion itself; they will bring back equally happy memories of the person who actually did the stitching. Generally these designs are aimed at intermediate cross stitchers and when framed and placed in a prominent position can be a real conversation piece. Christmas heirlooms Cross stitching a beautiful design or a family scene onto a large Christmas stocking can make a great heirloom that will be brought out and cherished every Christmas. Generation after generation can fill it with sweets and little treats year after year and when the children ask where it came from, it will be fondly remembered as your handy work. Crossword style heirlooms You can use all of the names within your family to produce a cross stitch piece in the style of a crossword. Designing the pattern will take some time as you will need to make all of the names fit together. However, when all of the names are stitched in .plementary colours and a pretty border design is put around the name crossword, it will be an adorable heirloom that will be forever in the family. By leaving space around the edges or by spreading the names out you can always add new family members as they arrive so that it is always up-to-date. Samplers Samplers .e in all shapes and sizes and they can contain pretty much anything you want them to. They are normally quite intricate projects and so are great to stitch as a family heirloom as they will be admired and treasured with each passing generation. You may wish to cross stitch a family motto or a saying that you are well known for so that the sampler is personal to you and your family. … and of Course There’s Always The Classics Why not go all out and cross stitch one of the famous classic paintings such as The River by Monet or the Vase with Irises by Van Gogh. There are now hundreds of classics and more modern paintings to choose from and although they do take an experienced stitcher a lot of spare time they are well worth the effort. You can pick a painting that is particularly special to you and your family and turn it into a work of art of your own making. New style cross stitch heirlooms A number of .panies today (including Patterns Patch) offer a useful service where you send them a photo of a loved one or a special pet and they produce a counted cross stitch pattern in your specified stitch count so that the finished piece is as big or as small as you want it. You can then cross stitch the design yourself and recreate the original photo but in the unique craft of cross stitch. An Heirloom is a wonderful keepsake to pass on to the next generation of your family, and one that you have cross stitched yourself will be infinitely more special and lovingly treasured. It is a way of passing on a legacy and ensuring that you will be remembered always. About the Author: and enjoy writing about their hobby. Article Published On: Whatever You Possess At Any Time Wished To Learn About Weapons. By: Donald Geary – Often, weapons are an expense. 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