How To Choose Best Domain Name For

Domain-Names A very first step to start your online business is to select domain name for your website. Domain name is the name by which you access your site. (i.e. for this site you are reading). It is very important to remember that SEO is the heart of the website, so as soon as you start thinking of starting your site, you have to start thinking about seo as well. Hence it is also the first and very important step that affects whole seo of your site. From our past experience and research we have concluded some major points regarding the selection of good domain name for better seo as below. 1. Domain name must be in English language. 2. It must not contain more than three words. 3. It should have .com extension if possible, ( instead of .net, .org, etc..) 4. It should not contain any special character like -. 1. Domain name must be in English language. Even if your site is targeted to your local language or limited geographical limit. Never forget that, domain name is global name accessible from all over the world. Having it in English language helps better to search engine and other visitors who do not understand your local country language. Name must highlight your sites main concept. I mean, domain name must be niche oriented. 2. It must not contain more than three words. I have seen many people doing this mistake again and again. Lets take an example of .seoexplain.., you can see that this domain name is built from two words, that are SEO and EXPLAIN, You can use upto three words, more then three is strictly unre.mended. 3. It should have .. extension. This seems not to be much of importance as far as seo is concerned, but according to research and surveys we found that, .. will help you more. Many times it happens that .. domain is not available with the word you want and you chose different extension say .net for the same name. People who are not much familier with with internet and websites are habited for .. domains, so it may happend that you can lost your human visitors to that .. site which is not yours. If they remember just the name (seoexplain) and not the whole domain, they will first try to access it with .. extension. Note: All most used internet browsers are configured to open .. domain by default when you do not give any extension. 4. It should not contain any special character like -. This is again the important thing for real visitors than search engines. As most of the time domains like seoexplain.. is much easier to remember thatn seo-explain… Tips: If you are thinking to start your site, i re.mend not to wait for development of site, and purchase of hosting service and all other such things, just think the name and go to purchase the domain name. It is proven that Older domains performs well on SEO. IT is re.mended to register your domain for atleast more that 2 years. Domains registered for one year are mostly considered as possible spam by major search engines. Domain life is again the big issue when considering the SEO of your online business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: