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Fang Fenghui met with Pakistan’s army chief chief of military – people.com.cn member of the Central Military Commission of the Central Military Commission, joint chief of staff Fang Fenghui 13 at the Bayi building met with Pakistan’s army chief secretary Zubair. Fang Fenghui said that China and Pakistan are "iron buddies", all-weather brotherhood. President Xi Jinping in recent years with Pakistani leaders met on several occasions, and reached important consensus on Deepening China Pakistan to create a common destiny, pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. China and Pakistan, and strive to achieve the common development of the two countries, for the benefit of the two peoples. Fang Fenghui said that the Chinese army is willing to strengthen strategic communication and Pakistan, deepen the Lianyan joint training and counter-terrorism capacity building, information sharing, pragmatic cooperation in the field of play, four military counter-terrorism cooperation coordination mechanism, to ensure the safety of Pakistan Economic Corridor, to promote the further development of The Belt and Road "and slightly implement and two all-weather strategic partners and make a positive contribution to maintaining regional and world peace and stability. Zubair said that the relationship between Bazhong and the United States is unique, the model is not only a good friend or iron man". We hope that the two sides will further strengthen cooperation in various fields, especially in defense and security, and promote the implementation of the four countries mechanism and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability. The army firmly supports China to promote the "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, is willing to provide all support for the Bazhong economic corridor safety. (Liang Pengfei) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: