Fashion is a circle, the clothes of the last century is now the most fashionable! – Sohu happynewyear

Fashion is a circle, the clothes of the last century is now the most fashionable! 90s – the Sohu is not most of us know how to catch up in the fashion but interestingly, are always on the timeline jump back in the last century classic retro re wear back but can let you become the first-class trendsetter those the most fashionable retro outfit! Representative before hair of the head is the head elf elf in 1965 60s · right now Mia Farrow; almost every five years will be popular in 60s the most fashionable hairstyle make only superficial changes but the tide always have to say the reincarnation of the elves head really good all-match ah ~ can be playful can also be capable to say, let the head elf Sun Li more spirit and young Anne Hathaway was so sweet ~ Emma Watson over 7 ha of small witch will cut the head of before in 1920 this year the red wave head very silent actress Louise Bob head Brooks is her head wave right now now has a lot of stars this comb A hairstyle very retro and playful accessories before Choker Necklace right now Choker Lace Necklace with the 90 "non mainstream" color Necklace in 2015 starting is completely turn over either show or street, you can see its shadow this simple black Choker has become popular accessories both eye-catching and individuality before Baotou with right now set off by the fashion week "Baotou hot" trend is spreading has become a fashion popular clothing can not miss the before tooling back pants with suspenders are now workers in 70s, young people wear into mainstream fashion fashion icon repeatedly wear the explosion of a single product Bib or princess Diana most often wear casual clothes and with a now right the pants you can wear, wear, vacuum shoulder waist wear…… Only unexpected can not take! Before Crop Top Crop Top jacket is a product of 90s today is the hottest disco fashion trend this year right now Crop single product Top’s amazing long legs, small waist fine, nine body can easily get all the fashion Master favored the chest exposed back to us than the original text are more elegant!相关的主题文章: