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Exclusive, gold coins to buy apple, love? Jane Austen marriage theory – Sohu reading double eleven is approaching, long before buy buy buy, it is actually a day. Mention of singles and single dog, naturally inseparable from the topic of love and marriage, and money once access to this topic, always let people quarrel. Love the fans think that love can overcome all the elders, parents bear bitter hardships most firmly believe that money is the foundation of all things, when love and money can not sometimes, they will basically not a winner each one sticks to his argument. Therefore, today’s study of the monarch to Austen Jane’s marriage theory, to discuss the relationship between money, marriage, love. Speaking of the famous British female writer, everyone will think of "Pride and Prejudice", and the interesting point is that, often explore these ethical relations in the works of her, never married. Even more interesting is that Austen never married from early with the first love Tom Lefroy was both family apart (the family man suspected of family is too poor, the man’s family suspected the woman’s home is not enough money……) Then, Austen did not marry for life in writing, and the poor boy Tom married rich after the woman into the political arena as an Irish Huguenot politician, judge (the idea is that Tom’s eldest daughter also called Jane, the gossip. Interested boys please criticism, Anne Hathaway starred in a the biographical film "Becoming Jane Austen?" you can meet a certain YY, uh huh). "Becoming Jane?" Austen stills movie poster as defy Jane? Austen is a love supremacists and admirer (after all you love her for unmarried life), experienced real life practice long after any change in her thoughts and feelings? All of this is very important for us to think about the relationship between love, marriage and money. Content selected from "I want money with his talk about philosophy" (English) John? Armstrong, the people’s Literature Publishing House 99 readers, August 2016 edition.   money = happiness? There is a theory that is in fact a decreasing trend, as we have seen, the return to the essence of money is only a means of exchange. As a famous theory of money in happiness returns showed a decreasing trend:   from this diagram you can see in the people have no money to moderate rich process, the degree of happiness rises very quickly, and then began to curve gently up, stop growth reaches a certain level (the average income in the general curve of money the middle). Money is not the only cause of happiness, it is only one of the elements, a resource, in fact, we will not be surprised. What are we talking about when we talk about happiness? It may be a mixture of happiness and tranquility: you feel elated and safe. Money is really related to these emotions, but it can decay. Money can be used to buy things that make you feel calm: luxury hotel rooms, country cottages, etc.. But there are many sources of calm, such as a good temper, a stable relationship, sports 1相关的主题文章: