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Every day is a Valentine’s day, Halloween gifts can not be less – Sohu travel in October the last interesting holiday, perhaps the traditional western halloween. Now Halloween almost has no any religion or superstition, all over the world began not to sugar, trick or treat "trick, evolved into a national Carnival day dress across! But you know, in China, young people have a mysterious ability to turn any festival into Valentine’s day. So to remind you of this year you fly, give my girlfriend a Halloween gift bought? If you have not purchased, are you ready for your boats ~ Halloween fright ritual breath diffuse skeleton hand modeling jewelry frame to see the first reaction the skeleton hands is scary, rotary joint, and the real hand is as real in the dark night to reach TA on the shoulder of the vast scream! But think carefully, after too scary props, its use is still very large. You can put this jewelry on a thin hand skeleton, because sometimes you really need only hold your hand jewelry. The white resin material palm beech + tray, pure color and your jewelry must be in tune. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, neatly arranged in the hand, the absolute weapon Slide Show. Cry the candle this third Century BC since the necessities of life is more endowed with a ritual and emotion in today, we have seen too many decent hand holding them and candle containers, these containers of candles and thoughtful design is just perfect, the only thing missing is probably a cunning demon personality. So this candle, it must be your halloween! The melted wax slowly along the eyes and mouth drops down, looked like tears, this is the tears of the candle, it can direct your soul! This type of bottle opener opener skull designer Ariel Rojo is in the eyes of the Mexicans, Mexicans, no longer in a horror and dark world, and the Mexicans love with skeletons, and formed a skeleton culture. The love life of the Mexicans, given a skeleton with humorous personality, which have great originality culture so that every Mexican bones are found, even at the end of the world, also want to insist on doing the most happiness in the world skeleton. The skeleton design gave TA a very personality and taste, let the wine Halloween more taste ice giant zombie zombie palm lattice hand shaped ice looks like a zombie resurrection, they were looking for you from your drink! This huge ice silicone ice lattice, only need to be filled with water ice horizontally in the frozen room, frozen into ice, fine mold for your ice with vivid zombie hand shape, let your Halloween full of fun and other beverages. Skull Sugar Spoon Fangyanwangqu, actually appeared sugar skeleton in the face! Actually, this is a sugar spoon for your health. Everyone knows that eating too much sugar is bad for the body, but the sweet feeling is always so that people do not live相关的主题文章: