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Eat so much, in the end what is the best food during pregnancy – mother and daughter of Sohu original welcome to share the forwarding, media reprint please contact the author! The doctor about dove, pregnant girls pregnant life is eating, fill? But, dove asked the girls, eat so many things, you know what is the best food during pregnancy? On the food during pregnancy is also very elegant, let dove to the girls to introduce a few suitable for pregnant girls best food bar. 1 fish – the best prevention of premature fish contains a large number of amino acids, lecithin, potassium, calcium and other trace elements, can promote fetal brain development. The protein in fish is much higher than the content of our ordinary meat, and fish protein is a high quality protein, digestion rate of up to 85%~95%. Crucian carp is the most suitable for pregnant girl food, it has Spleen Qi, detoxification, diuresis and detumescence, Tongru function, just after girls can also drink milk carp pig’s trotters soup oh. In addition, the pregnant girl can also choose carp, silver carp, cuttlefish, hairtail or grass carp etc.. We must avoid shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel, the mercury content of these four species may affect the growth and development of fetus. Dove’s advice: try to eat different kinds of fish, fish two times a week, weekly amount does not exceed 340 grams. Studies have shown that eating fish can prevent premature birth. 2 chocolate – the best delivery chocolate is a high calorie food, containing calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper and other minerals. It can promote the circulation of oxygen in the blood and replenish the energy and nutrients consumed during exercise. Can alleviate depression, focus, strengthen memory and improve intelligence. We know that production is an individual effort, and that it requires a girl to have enough labor to produce. Chocolate contains a lot of nutrients and calories, they can quickly be pregnant girl energy. Chocolate is called the best delivery of food in the United States, eat two or three pieces of chocolate in the labor time, can shorten the production process, smooth delivery. Dove recommends: milk and chocolate can not be the same food, because the oxalic acid in chocolate and calcium in the milk to form calcium oxalate, not only will affect the absorption of calcium into, there may be caused by urinary tract stones. 3 – Best Baotai spinach spinach is rich in folic acid and B vitamins, carotene, vitamin K, calcium, iron, coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients. Each of 100 grams of spinach contains 350 micrograms of folic acid, folic acid content is unmatched by other vegetables. Spinach B vitamins can prevent pregnancy pelvic infection, depression, insomnia and other common symptoms of pregnancy. Dove suggested: spinach is not easy to milk, tofu and other foods with high calcium content, because spinach in the oxalic acid and calcium binding, causing stones. 4 grapes, oranges and apples — best sour food grape, citrus, apples contain a lot of vitamin C, carbohydrates, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, which in addition to the apple nutrients, also contain polyphenols and flavonoids nutrients, known as the "full range of healthy fruit". These sour foods are slow相关的主题文章: