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Data-Recovery Easy & Safe File Sharing… with clients and contractors outside your office Businesses of all sizes have a need to exchange files with clients, contractors and others outside of their own offices. This is especially true for the small business, as they are far more likely to utilize the services of a contractor such as a graphic artist, virtual assistant and more. However, few small businesses today have any ability to easily and safely share files with clients and contractors beyond trying to do it through e-mail. E-mail is certainly not the most productive, easy, safe and convenient way to do this and I’m sure you have already run into the frustrating reality where either your files, or someone else’s files, were too large to send through email. What’s the solution? I’m working on a video to give you my easy and safe file sharing tech solution that I implement for my clients so they can efficiently, easily and safely exchange large, or even multiple, files with clients, contractors, virtual assistants and more. In the meantime, here are my 3 Keys to easy and safe file sharing: The 3 Keys to Easy and Safe File Sharing: Key #1: Don’t rely on email. The solution must not rely on the headaches of emailing files back and forth, then trying to figure out who has what, and which is the latest version. If you are currently relying on email and you haven’t yet encountered the limitations or frustrations of relying on your email system to share files…your day is coming. Don’t wait until you have 1 hour to get a huge file to a client to find out that you need an easy and safe file sharing solution for your buisness. Key #2: Security: Your file sharing solution must include a way to keep those files protected. A secure file sharing solution always keeps you in complete control of your files and prevents anyone else from accessing them. When sharing files with others you should always have a way to keep your private files private. I cringe when I hear small business owners talking about using certain online services to send or share large files. Key #3: Affordability: My easy and safe file sharing solution uses a service that you are already paying for in your business…so essentially, it’s a free benefit! There is no need to pay for this kind of big business advantage! You can easily and safely collaborate on files with clients and contractors…without incurring any additional costs. I’m working on a video right now to give you my Easy and Safe File Sharing Solution, to bring the best big business tech advantages to the small business owners…and close your tech gap permanently! Until then, if you are not already signed up to get updates from me, sign up with your name and email address on the right and I’ll keep you posted. I’ll email you when that free video is ready so you can have my total tech solution for easy and safe file sharing for your business. To access my blog, goto .techlatitude../blog Thanks, Paul Martino About the Author: 相关的主题文章: