Don’t throw the apple alchema could make them a good drink of wine (video) super bass

Don’t throw the apple Alchema could make them a good drink of wine is a food safety problem is increasingly serious in recent years, there are more and more people are interested in food DIY. Slowly, homemade canned fruit, cakes, biscuits bake their own personally brewed yogurt or even their own do chili sauce have become fashionable, even friends do not fall. The brewing machine can also be made at home fruit wine control in many DIY in food by mobile phone, the wine should be relatively tall on. This is not only because of the wine production cycle is long, but also because of its complex production process, go astray will come to naught. But these are "laohuangli", has now started the Alchema, home brew drink and health wine is no longer a dream. Popular point, this Alchema is a family of fruit fermentation brewing machine. Users only need to enjoy the fruit, other raw materials needed in the inside, patience, such as one to two weeks, delicious wine, cider and other difficult fruit wine can be freshly baked. This Alchema looks from the outside looks like the coffee machine, the Silver Oval cylindrical design, lets the human feel the science and technology is full of feeling. Open the Alchema shell, which is stored in a transparent container and fruit wine fermentation, that is to say the whole process is clearly visible. Alchema wine is very simple, the brewing process requires only three steps to complete. First of all, through the intelligent application supporting to select love wine taste; second, in accordance with the requirements of a certain number of fruit and yeast into the machine; finally, then wait 7-15 days to come. It is no exaggeration to say that Alchema not only look tall, its own scientific and technological content. This Alchema can be connected with a smart phone, the user can see the entire process of brewing App. In addition, it contains a variety of sensors, including weight, air pressure, temperature and humidity, in the whole process of brewing wine at any time to detect the status of Alchema, and make appropriate adjustments. At the same time in order to ensure the health of the wine, Alchema is also equipped with UV-C LED germicidal ultraviolet lamp, can effectively avoid the pollution status of wine will meet the traditional brewing process. Mentioned earlier this Alchema can be connected with a smart phone, once the process of brewing in the voltage is too low, the temperature and humidity anomalies, Wi-Fi offline and other issues, supporting App will be issued to remind the push. And in the wine brewed, fermentation, taste the best time will also receive push notifications. We product parameters: weight: 4Kg color: Silver BUY index: * * * experienced hard preparing for the long wait, to drink wine from the failure of frustration, believe to this love wine Alchema to ensure that no danger of anything going wrong. Buy the way: Alchema official reference price: $299 (about 1990 yuan) [that you are a prodigal child! Come with us to break off, Buy home to buy buy buy! Make these digital small相关的主题文章: