Domestic anti fog artifact come out high temperature bag dust removal efficiency up to 99% lara fabian

The domestic anti haze artifact: the advent of high-temperature bag type dust removal efficiency can reach 99% source: Science and technology daily in mid October, a haze shrouded the capital, again and again. In a kindergarten parents group, a 5 year old mother, Ms. Lin worried constantly ask: haze so serious, the classroom is not open air purifier?" In the end, she got a positive answer, and got a little comfort. Although as an adult, she clearly understood that the nest under the eggs have a good reason. At present, in the most serious global fine particle pollution for North Africa and North China, East China and central China, the annual concentration of fine particles in most regions of China close to 80 micrograms per cubic meter, about the provisions of the security value of WHO (average 10 micrograms per cubic meter) 8 times, the air pollution situation is grim. Statistics show that China’s industrial pollution is the largest source of PM2.5, including cement manufacturing, coal-fired power plants and steel metallurgy is the three largest source of industrial pollution killer. Industrial dust removal is a key step to control PM2.5. So, how to improve the industrial dust removal technology, through technical means to ensure production, but also to reduce dust emissions, air pollution prevention and control has become a key issue. Bag dust removal technology is an effective way to prevent and control air pollution and reduce the emission of industrial dust." Cao Xuejun, deputy director of the Ministry of consumer goods industry held in mid October "China Textile International Forum on science and technology — high temperature bag filter technology development and application" said. The bag is made of, rely on fiber filter to purify the gas bag. In all kinds of dust removal equipment, the bag filter is a kind of high efficiency dust filter, almost all the dust in the general industry, the dust removal efficiency may reach more than 99%. "China is the world’s largest use of fossil energy, along with the development of electric power, cement industry, Chinese enterprises have also begun to implement the international market of European standards, enterprises strict emission standards, accountability efforts." Nanjing Jihua 3521 Special Equipment Co., Ltd. Xia, general manager of the view that the progress of high temperature bag dust removal technology comes from the huge demand." Northeastern University material testing center director Liu Jingxian told reporters that the current media performance of domestic production has been able to achieve comparable with foreign brands, but poor product stability, at the same time, there is a lack of self-discipline, the phenomenon of price competition. According to reports, as the organizers of the Forum – Chinese – spinning technology Textile Science Research Institute to undertake the support by the Ministry of the high temperature filter material development and application of public service platform construction work related to bag production and application of enterprises to provide quality, performance evaluation, development of new filter bag filter bag technology of waste recycling industry in common service. With the advance of the platform, it will play an important role in the healthy and sustainable development of the high temperature media industry. In the industry, it is generally accepted that the filter bag filter technology is the heart". With the popularization of bag filter technology, the requirement of the textile material for the bag material.相关的主题文章: