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DELL? Hope project Chinese twenty-first Century youth skills competition started in Beijing – Beijing Beijing in August 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ximin) China Youth Development Foundation sponsored by DELL? Hope project Chinese Youth Skills Competition in twenty-first Century 25 at the Museum of science and technology Chinese start, 140 students and 13 representatives of 17 middle schools and primary school from all 15 provinces and autonomous regions in Beijing, on the same stage. In the two days of competition, the team shows the virtual robot will last a year of training in the knowledge of science and technology, demonstrates own (Virtual Robotic Programming) and fast odd (Scratch) software works, use advanced computer technology to show the kids for "renewable resources, green development", fully reflect the twenty-first Century DELL skills training project brings imagination, creativity, teamwork skills. The contest with "renewable resources, green development" as the theme, in addition to the virtual robot competitions, will continue to carry out Scratch programming contest, encourages students to pay attention to participating in the side of the resource recycling utilization and sustainable development, and the design of computer programming software Scratch and make a small game or interactive animation, students will be a powerful and unconstrained style. Become a reality, and learn to observe and think independently in the process of programming, cultivating students’ creative ability value. To start the ceremony, from Sichuan Guangyuan Dongcheng experimental primary school team demonstrated by students creative Scratch creative works — "Domino plan" waste reduction, in the process of creation, the children of independent thinking, independent creation, Scratch is applied to the classification of resources, recycling, reuse and other aspects, in the test inquiry, inquiry, problem in solving problems in the cooperation, show the significance of pupils’ eyes of renewable resources, and thus develop their great potential and action. Chinese Youth Development Foundation Deputy Secretary General Yang Xiaoyu said, "Chinese QingJiHui long-term cooperation with DELL, in the exploration of the hope project constantly, to deepen the" educational "provides a very good practice, help us create a fair opportunity of education, education resources in urban and rural areas are not closed. The children involved in this project through exposure to new ideas, expand ability, experience dramatic changes in technology brought to life." Huang Chenhong, President of DELL Greater China, said that in 2016, DELL will continue to donate cash and supplies about 13 million yuan to Chinese education and information technology, to support the development of Community Youth Science and technology learning activities. At the same time, support education Chinese technology, and through the integration of computer technology and education, and guide students to learn to observe, learn to think, learn to learn, to cultivate students’ imagination and creativity and teamwork spirit, so that they become optimistic and confident, dare to challenge the innovative talents difficult. (end)相关的主题文章: