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Health Multiple sclerosis is a known condition that affects the central nervous system spinal cord and brain of the body. This is when the immune system starts attacking the protective covering of the nerve fibers, thus leading to disconnected communication between the body and the brain. The condition results to various causes and these causes are unclear. The only clear thing as of this moment is that these causes are irreversible. Multiple sclerosis results to the deterioration of various body functions like muscle coordination, thus resulting to difficulties in seeing, walking, speaking and normal recalling. Multiple sclerosis is commonly found in women than in men and the available forms of treatment include the administration of medications that are helpful in delaying or alleviating the symptoms of the condition. These are also helpful in slowing the progression of multiple sclerosis. For more information on the progression of the condition you may visit .multiple-sclerosis-prognosis… How is Dahn Yoga helpful? Practicing Dahn yoga may lead to the promotion of an individuals overall well-being. Based on studies, this form of yoga practice is helpful in controlling and preventing the side effects of the condition, including stress and fatigue. Keeping the symptoms of the condition under control can slow down the progression of the condition, thus resulting to a better life even when afflicted with multiple sclerosis. Practicing Dahn Yoga The techniques being used for this kind of yoga practice is focused on .bining physical and breathing exercises. These exercises can help calm the body and mind, thus resulting to reduced trauma and stress. Dahn yoga usually starts with meridian stretching exercises. This is when an individual draw the Chi, Ki or Qi within the body in order to stimulate the levels of energy within the body. After performing the stretching exercises, the person will then start with warm up exercises. This will include various exercises that are focused on the circulation and distribution of the stimulated energy through the entire body. Warm-up exercises for Dahn yoga also include various meditation exercises that can help calm the mind and body, and alleviate the symptoms of the condition. One of the factors that is being targeted in this practice is the use of Brain Wave Vibration to improve multiple sclerosis life expectancy. Yoga experts believe that the brain waves have huge effects on a persons physical and mental state and these brain waves can make a person be.e healthier. The stimulation of certain parts of the body and the creation of brain waves can produce positive effects, thus leading to lesser trauma and stress, and improved symptoms of the condition. Dahn yoga for multiple sclerosis works by providing energy to the patient to lift the symptoms of the condition and preventing the exacerbation of the problem. Aside from that, this yoga practice helps channel the energy so that the patient can use it to .e up with positive results against the condition. Taking Dahn yoga exercises for multiple sclerosis can increase the patients chance of reducing the symptoms and lessening the suffering due to the condition. This type of yoga also helps improve energy, strength and flexibility, thus reducing the risk of physical disabilities. If you are suffering from such condition, finding a professional health center or clinic for this practice can be very helpful. Remember that multiple sclerosis has no permanent treatments but this type of yoga practice can help provide a long-term solution against the symptoms of the condition. Dahn yoga is also helpful to those who are suffering from symptoms of lung cancer in men, especially its breathing techniques. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: