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Internet-Marketing Now-a-days it’s quite hard to achieve high keyword rankings as search engines keep on updating things in order to improve search quality latest updates by Google which includes Google Panda and Google Penguin Updates are recent example. Blog plays a vital role in keyword rankings and if we add quality contents then its far more useful. Blog can be hosted on your main site or you can even start your own blog network over unused domains. Blog network or micro sites can perform well in search engine but you have to create quality content and manage blog regularly. It’s a trend when we have to update contents on blog hosted over main website most of the time we go for original contents and when we have to post articles or blog post on blog network or micro sites most of the webmasters go for SPUN contents, duplicate contents or low quality contents in order to save money. This practice is not write instead of running a big Blog Network best is to run few blogs with quality contents and see the RESULT! High Quality Micro Sites or Blogs High quality Blog or Micro sites can be used to provide quality link to your main site. Creating your own blog network is far easier then link building just need is to create a quality one. By creating your own blog network you don’t have to request other webmasters for link exchange, no need to buy links from relevant sites etc. Instead of buying links or requesting for link exchange you can create your own blog network (Create Blog, Create Blog Network) in reasonable rates. Free Blog vs Blog Network Many SEO .panies create free blogs, post quality contents on it, promote these free blogs and in the end main site get links from these free blogs. Sometimes these free blogs are removed, so important is run your blog on your own server and domain. If you have quality contents then no point in posting it on free blog, instead of posting contents on free blog you can post same contents on your own blog .work. As you can make changes in blog as per your need and requirement moreover you can mo.ize your blogs using Google Adsense. A well established blog .work can give important links to your main website and you can edit things whenever needed. Create High Quality Smaller Sites Mini Sites We listed few important points which may increase your website visibility in search engines. But most important fact is you have to create quality blog or micro site as these minisites can perform well in search engines. Links from these quality blogs with unique and quality contents on similar niche plays a vital role in promoting your main site. We can create your blog or blog .work in reasonable rates, if you are planning to create your own blog .work and like to discuss things with us in more detail please contact us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: