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Cool on the road in Shandong province next week Yingqiang cold air and more snow in these two days, the temperature is 8 degrees centigrade to 15 degrees centigrade, the overall feeling is not cold. But after a few days, the down jacket will come in handy. 18, the reporter learned from the Shandong Provincial Meteorological Bureau, Shandong next week will usher in a snowfall. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, since 20 to 24, the strongest winter cold air will affect China, Middle East appeared obvious strong winds and rain and snow weather, the northern area has the obvious snow or rain to snow. 19, affected by cold air, Shandong will be a wave of precipitation, the daily temperature drop." The Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, 19 to 20 at night during the day, and the southwest region northwest of the light rain. Minimum temperature: Inland Northwest, and the peninsula Luzhong mountain area about 6 DEG to 10 DEG C in other areas. Next Monday, cold air becomes stronger, affected by this, some areas of Shandong is expected to usher in snow, the wind will be bigger. The 21 day, the weather in northwest, southwest and central regions overcast with light rain; 22, northwest regions have small to moderate snow local snow, other area has sleet. Peninsula north wind 5~6 gust 7, other areas of the north wind 4~5 gust of class. The 23 day, the peninsula weather cloudy overcast with light snow, other areas cloudy to sunny weather. The 5~6 peninsula north wind gust 7, other areas of north wind 3~4 24~25 day, the weather clears. Affected by cold air, 18, 15, Ji’nan meteorological observatory issued an important weather forecast. 21~24 Ji’nan will appear obvious cooling weather and strong winds, rain and snow. Rain and winds occur mainly in 21~22, cooling occurred mainly in the 21~24. 21 in the morning to the evening in Ji’nan is expected to rain; 21 days before midnight to 22 at noon, Ji’nan have moderate to heavy snow, there will be snow and ice roads. In addition to rain and snow weather, temperature is going through the cliff fall. Since the beginning of the 21 day, the temperature dropped significantly in Ji’nan, the temperature range of about 15 degrees celsius. 22~23 daily minimum temperature -7 degrees ~-4 degrees, the maximum temperature of 2 degrees Celsius; on the morning of 24 reached the lowest temperature, the northern area and mountainous area, -8 degrees Celsius, and other urban areas -6 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 3 degrees Celsius; 25 daytime temperatures began to gradually rise. Meteorological experts suggest that due to the strong cold air, rain and snow and a wide range of strong cold air after the country from the early stage of high temperature will turn into low, after the rain there will be some sections of road icing phenomenon, around the need to prevent on road traffic, city operation and other adverse effects. In addition, do a good job of greenhouse crops snow, strong winds and strong cooling prevention is equally important. The public should strengthen the use of coal-fired heating to warm, the public should pay attention to ventilation, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. (reporter Meng Yan Han Xiao)相关的主题文章: