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Abundancia Y Prosperidad Posted By: manuelbaron Para tener una vida equilibrada es fundamental tener abundancia y prosperidad, el tema de la abundancia tiene muchas implicaciones, hablamos del dinero, relaciones, salud, tiempo, creatividad, etc. Abundancia implica sentirnos plenos y felices. Cuando gozamos de prosperidad financiera entonces la vida se simplifica de forma increíble, el dinero es un medio de intercambio maravilloso, cuando lo tenemos podemos acceder a mejores servicios de salud, es más fácil tener una mejor apariencia, nos alimentamos mejor, eliminamos preocupaciones relacionadas con deudas, podemos ayudar a obras benéficas, damos apoyo a la realización de diversos objetivos, tenemos más tiempo para compartir con nuestra familia, etc. Todo esto y muchos beneficios más nos dicen que es muy importante ser una persona próspera. ¿Cuáles son los secretos para atraer la abundancia y prosperidad a nuestra vida?

Abundancia Are Us School Shootings Drug-fueled? Posted By: James F. Davis US school shootings are nothing new – in fact, they’ve been happening since at least the mid-1800’s, with some of the deadliest occurring long before high-powered maximum capacity assault weapons were available. With perpetrators of many different types, it’s difficult to imagine how anyone of any age could shoot and kill innocent children. The depravity and sickness of it all has caused many people to seek out answers for this behavior, with some questioning whether US school shootings are drug-fueled. When examining some of the most deadly US school shootings in recent history, we see that there are a number of striking similarities between the killers. This often includes a high level of intelligence hindered by social awkwardness, and little to no involvement in drugs or alcohol. We see this when examining the following US school shootings: *Charndon High School Shooting: 15 year old TJ Lane killed three students in February of 2012 *Columbine High School Massacre: Students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shot 34 people, killing 13 of them in April of 1999 *Red Lake High School Shooting: 16 year old Jeffrey Weise kills 9 people and then himself in March 2005.

US school shootings Important Habits Of Mind For Achieving Success Posted By: Chris Dcruz Habits of mind are the patterns of an individual’s disposition in every aspect of life. It is the motivational force of that will direct the achievement of success. They are strategies or tools that control mental state of the human brain. This is a state of the mind which has the inclination to act in specific ways. They provide elevation to actions. They are not values, but they are absolutely valuable in helping you to achieve your goals. Your values or attitude determines the direction to where your life leads you. If you have notice that life isn’t getting you where you want to be, this is the time to make a reflection on the pattern of your thinking. If you want to excel, then you need to condition and motivate yourself that you will achieve it rather than settling with the old fashioned way of achieving success. You need to use your mind correctly to think properly on what you need to do to achieve your goal. You should be able to further your research or study to feed your mind with great information in the direction of success.

habits of mind El Exito Y El Verdadero Deseo Posted By: manuelbaron Alcanzar el exito no es algo que surge por casualidad, si usted desea triunfar tiene que convertirse en el arquitecto de su exito, uno de los primeros pasos para conseguirlo, es demostrar que se tiene un deseo profundo por conseguirlo, que no es una idea pasajera sino que esta dispuesto a hacer todos los sacrificios necesarios para hacer funcionar su proyecto de manera adecuada. La gran motivacion de emprender un nuevo proyecto no hay duda que es pensar en los resultados, imaginar la satisfaccion que sentiremos al tener todo lo que hemos sonado, pero tambien hay que pensar en el camino, por lo general esta lleno de muchas dificultades y debemos superarlas, al final ese es el verdadero precio de una vida exitosa, todo comienza con un fuerte deseo, para saber si lo tenemos hay que aplicar los siguientes principios: 1.Si piensa de forma constante en su meta entonces es un buen indicio de tener un fuerte deseo: Las ideas fugaces tienen bajas posibilidades de cumplirse, eso les ocurre a muchas personas, ven algo atractivo y manifiestan: ¡yo deseo tener una empresa asi!, ¡me gusta ese cuerpo, yo quiero estar asi tambien!, ¡mas adelante pondre un negocio similar!

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Karate Fairfax La Persistencia Es Energia Para El Exito Posted By: manuelbaron La persistencia es fundamental para triunfar en la vida y alcanzar el exito, todos lo sabemos, pero ¿Por que no lo ponemos en practica? Hay varios factores, uno de ellos es que la mayoria de las personas se enfocan solo en los beneficios del momento presente, aunque el hoy represente un confite, pero la gente dice ¡yo juego a lo seguro!, si esa es su eleccion, esta bien, pero tambien debemos ver el costo de oportunidad, ¿Cuanto estoy perdiendo por asegurar el hoy? Cuando se trata de nuestras maximas aspiraciones, no deberiamos tomarnos con mucha calma el hecho de renunciar a nuestros suenos, si nosotros nos nos preocupamos por construirlos, nadie mas lo hara. Al tomar plena consciencia de los maravillosos beneficios que una idea exitosa puede ofrecernos entonces es mucho mas facil tomar la decision de triunfar, el desarrollo de la persistencia se va consiguiendo con el tiempo, especialmente cuando estamos obligados a trunfar.

La persistencia Helpful Manual For Drug Users About Guidance Posted By: Joey Young Substance abuse affects young adults and adults around the world. Substance abuse is the consumption of illegal drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs for at least a year this may result in harmful effects. Drugs create a lot of complications such as health problems, career changes, relationship issues and other problems like divorce, loss of property and trouble with the law. It also makes a contribution to social problems such as violence, child abuse, homelessness, stress and broken families. Treating drug abuse is treated with therapies like detox and rehabilitation. Other treatment includes counseling to deal with drug use and stop patients from falling back to using drugs. People suffering drug use can be observed and identified since most of them neglect everyday responsibilities, work, school, family or children. They shows increased assault and sometimes they drive when in influence and they steal which results to criminal arrests. Other may show physical signs that include weight loss or weight gain, nervousness or irritability, short temper and difficulty to focus for long periods of time. There are different types of abused drugs such as these illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD (acid), ecstasy and such.

drug treatment center The Relevance Of Drug Abuse Help Services Posted By: Richard Maputi Substance abuse is really difficult to end due to the fact that drugs changes the thinking ability of an individual. It affects the capability of an individual to control his behaviors and to make appropriate decision. Once they desire that particular substance, there is a higher likelihood that they can no more think the proper way. Drug addicts will definitely do everything just to have that substance. As they continue utilizing the drug, they become more dependent to it. Numerous people particularly the young ones are battling from drug abuse. For those people who are hooked to drugs, they can’t control their addiction. This kind of dilemma is experienced not only by Americans but also by other individuals in all areas of the planet. Family and buddies of drug dependent persons are the ones that are most affected at all times. However in any dilemma, there is always a right solution for it. So for people who are struggling from substance abuse, there is still hope for them to pull through the dilemma. Nowadays, there are many counseling services as well as establishments that offer drug addiction services for them to get rid of addiction.

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Anxiety Increase Your Mood And Serotonin With Easy Breathing Exercises. Posted By: Tameera Kemp This simple technique will give your serotonin a boost and only takes a few minutes. By following the below simple steps you will pump fluid up your spine, giving your brain a bath of sorts. Afterwards you’ll feel more centred, calm, happier and possibly a little light-headed. The breathing exercises help carry oxygen to your cells bringing in new energy. It helps improve memory and insomnia, excellent before a job interview, getting through fearful situations for some people like flying or to calm your mind. 1. Place your left hand on the left side of your upper chest and your right hand on the right side of your head. 2. Breath in through your nose with your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Breathe out through your mouth with your tongue resting on the floor of your mouth. Take four deep breaths. 3. Keeping your left hand in the same position, move your right hand to the back of your head. Take four more deep breaths as described above while holding this position. 4. Switch hands, placing your right hand on your right upper chest and your left hand on the left side of your head.

breathing exercises How To Play Guitar Fast – Avoiding Critical Mistakes In Learning To Increase Your Guitar Speed Posted By: Tom Hess Do you struggle with playing guitar fast? AND nbsp; Is your lack of guitar speed making it difficult for you to express yourself fully as a musician? AND nbsp; Although playing guitar fast is not every guitarist’s most significant goal, those who do want to improve their guitar speed desire this skill very much and are often frustrated with being unable to develop this part of their guitar playing. AND nbsp; If this describes you, I want to share with you several important insights about building guitar speed that will greatly help you to develop this skill. AND nbsp; Good news and bad news: The good news is that virtually anyone can learn to play guitar fast. AND nbsp; In addition, you can directly control the practicing process to make it more effective and achieve your guitar speed goals in a lot less time than it takes an average guitar player. AND nbsp; The bad news is that most guitar players (those who can’t yet play guitar fast) are totally on the wrong track in their approach to increasing guitar speed. AND nbsp; I see this all the time when working with new guitar students who come to me wanting to improve their guitar playing. AND nbsp;

how to play guitar fast Domestic Violence Counseling – Who Are The Real Abusers And The Real Victims? Posted By: Dr Jeanne King PhD Sometimes things are not as they seem when it comes to domestic violence counseling. On the outside looking in, one might think the striking person is the "real" abuser in the relationship. But with closer analysis, it becomes evident that the person holding the control is the psychological abuser. This psychological abuser may be polite, stable, manipulative and non-aggressive outwardly…and they can even present in therapy as the abused. He/she may be a victim of verbal assault by their partner. But they hold the "control" and they know it. Their intimate partner, however, may not know it. Instead, this partner who is outwardly aggressive is led to believe that they are the "attacker" and thus the abuser in the relationship. While he/she may be the attacker outwardly, their striking is not about control–to the contrary it’s about a lack of control or a loss of control. Outward Aggression and Abusive Control What is the difference between outward aggression and abusive control? If you are familiar with the domestic violence literature, you know that domestic abuse is fundamentally about control. And in abusive relationships, violence is recognized as a manifestation of control.

Domestic violence counseling Set Business Goals Effectively With Seven Amazing Tips Posted By: Nick P.

Business Goal Have You Heard About An All In One Stun Gun That Can Absolutely Drive An Assailant To His Knees? Posted By: James T Flanders …It is exciting to see a high powered, high quality, compact and an affordable self defense product…Check out the Multifunction Stun Gun by Stun Master! What is a Stun Master Multifunction Stun Gun? Your all in one self defense stun gun that uses 2.7 million volts of electrical power surge. This device is non-lethal and will not cause any permanent damage to humans or animals. The electrical shock that emits from the unit will not pass from the person or animal being stunned to the person doing the stunning. The effect is localized only in the affected area and does not pass through the body. Even if you or the attacker are wet or standing in water, you will not get shocked. How does the Stun Master Multifunction Stun Gun Work? The Stun Master Multifunction Stun Gun is designed to temporarily control the nervous system. It dumps its energy into the muscles at a high pulse frequency that makes the muscles work very rapidly but not efficiently. This rapid work cycle depletes the blood sugar by converting it into lactic acid in just seconds. The resulting energy loss makes it extremely difficult to move and function.

stun gun Yoga Class For Better Health Posted By: James Lunden Yoga encompasses a combination of breathing, posture and meditation exercises that have been proven to heal both the mind and body — for over 5,000 years. Taking a yoga class from a qualified instructor will leave you feeling invigorated, while also strengthening your body and cardiovascular system. When the weather is agreeable, many practitioners can be found taking a yoga class in local community centers including: parks, beaches and other areas that bring participants closer to nature. Origins Yoga was founded in India over 5,000 years ago as a way for Hindu monks to preserve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being. They believed constantly practicing this discipline was essential in keeping the pathways between the mind and the rest of the body clear. By keeping the physical pathways in the body open, the spiritual self is also kept clear and free from negativity and other problems that often plague society. Benefits In modern society, the benefits of taking a yoga class a few times a week are: Improved metabolism — fat burning, digestion, appetite control. Mental clarity and ability to focus on day-to-day tasks better. More restful and rejuvenating sleep at night.

yoga class El Secreto En Cinco Pasos (3) Posted By: rbautoayuda 3. CONFIRMA TUS AFIRMACIONES No tengo ninguna duda que el tener una lista de afirmaciones positivas puede cambiar tu vida, pero esto sera asi solo si lo crees desde el fondo de tu alma, y para poder llegar a creerlo desde el fondo de tu alma es imprescindible que sigas el paso de La Confirmacion de Afirmaciones. Estoy seguro que en mas de un sitio habras oido hablar de las ventajas de las afirmaciones positivas, pero que dificilmente habras oido acerca de "La Confirmacion de las Afirmaciones" y que por lo tanto en este momento te estaras preguntando: ¿En que consiste la confirmacion de las afirmaciones? asi que pasare a explicartelo.

dios El Secreto En Cinco Pasos (2) Posted By: rbautoayuda 2. REDACTA TUS AFIRMACIONES POSITIVAS Las afirmaciones, son en realidad una serie de frases positivas muy poderosas que siempre deben redactarse en tiempo presente. Al final de cuentas el pasado ya se fue y no se puede cambiar ni para bien ni para mal, y el futuro aun no ha llegado, por lo tanto de lo unico que puedes estar seguro es de tu presente. La lista de agradecimientos era una actitud mental dirigida hacia afuera, mientras que las afirmaciones son basicamente una conversacion con nosotros mismos. Pero para poder redactar tu lista de afirmaciones positivas, es importante que aprendas a hacerlo, y los pasos son los siguientes: Toma una hoja de papel y traza una linea vertical dividiendola en dos Sobre el lado izquierdo escribe todas aquellas cosas que no te gustan SER, HACER o TENER en tu vida, como por ejemplo no tengo suficiente dinero, no me gusta mi cuerpo, o nadie me quiere. Este es el momento de pensar en todo lo que no te gusta, asi que no te reprimas, esta lista es una lista que nadie ha de leer, asi que escribe todo lo que quieras, hazla tan larga como desees.

dios El Secreto En Cinco Pasos (1) Posted By: rbautoayuda Estos que mencionare a continuacion, son los 5 puntos mas importantes para tener en cuenta cuando desees programar La Ley de Atraccion, acostumbrate a seguirlos todos los dias y lograras efectos formidables. Todos los seres humanos somos criaturas de habitos, esto quiere decir que la mayor parte (hasta un 95%) de lo que pensamos, sentimos y hacemos, sucede con piloto automatico. Pero para que este "piloto automatico" funcione, es necesario contar con ciertas estructuras mentales que se forman en los primeros 5 anios de vida. Una vez que adquirimos esos patrones, con el correr del tiempo se vuelven mas y mas fuertes debido a que constantemente repetimos lo mismo. Esos habitos nos fueron transmitidos por nuestros modelos parentales (los padres, la television, las personas mayores importantes en nuestra infancia, etc.) Y por esta razon si por ejemplo cuando eras pequenio no has tenido el ejemplo de personas ricas, seguramente no habras desarrollado los habitos de los ricos. Si no has vivido dentro de una hogar donde reine el amor y la armonia no tendras los modelos necesarios para tener buenas relaciones de pareja, y asi en todos los temas.

dios Esta Usted Centrado? Posted By: rbautoayuda QUE ES EL SONIDO ALPHA El sonido Alpha es un suave golpeteo de 10 ciclos por segundo, que mediante un proceso de imitacion lleva al cerebro a frecuencias cerebrales mas bajas y estables, que facilitan la relajacion y la practica del Control Mental para dominar La Ley de Atraccion. Nuestro cerebro desea imitar cada impulso que escucha. Un sonido por segundo produce un ciclo cerebral por segundo, dos sonidos por segundo producen dos ciclos cerebrales y diez sonidos producen diez ciclos cerebrales, porque el cerebro responde imitando a lo que escucha. El sonido Alpha es un sonido constante, y al escucharlo el cerebro desea imitar el mismo ritmo, y esto es lo que produce el efecto deseado de entrar en los niveles profundos de la mente. Algunas personas dicen que si uno se intenta relajarse y meditar mientras se escucha en el fondo una musica suave, esto hara que se relaje. Pero la musica suave se dirige al hemisferio cerebral izquierdo, y de esta forma relaja nuesro cerebro pero no nuestra mente, y por lo tanto no logra reducir las frecuencias cerebrales del cerebro. La musica suave no produce una frecuencia constante, sino que es fluctuante.

dios El Secreto Funciona Todos Los Dias Posted By: rbautoayuda A veces la gente me pregunta ¿Doctor Bonomi, como puedo saber que es lo que la ley de atraccion esta atrayendo hacia mi? Esta es una pregunta que resulta razonable que la gente se haga, cuando se entera que su vida depende de lo que la ley de atraccion le atraiga, y resulta bastante facil de responder en terminos generales. Cuando tu quieras saber que es lo que esta atrayendo hacia ti la ley de atraccion, todo lo que tienes que hacer es abrir los ojos y ver que es lo que esta sucediendo en tu vida, pues sea lo que sea que te este sucediendo, eso es el resultado de haber utilizado El Secreto, aun cuando no supieras que tal secreto existia.

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