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Chongqing police 5A scenic spot front man hacked 10 knife: because of debt disputes are the perpetrators of Crime News – Sohu. In September 29th, surging news reports (Chongqing) Youyang 5A scenic spot before many people holding machetes chase a man $10 "after the incident, Chongqing City, Youyang County Public Security Bureau was informed that, due to the debt dispute of two party armed fighting, cut have been out of danger, 1 people involved in Affray jingfangxingju, the rest of the personnel are trying to arrest. Live video surveillance remake of the display, a scenic tourist bus parked in front of the car, more than men holding machetes, steel rod is chasing a man who was caught between two bus lying on the ground after the catch up; more than men with a knife slash lying on the ground (picture is a bus stopped); a remake of surveillance video in number, a total cut 10 knife. Witnesses told the surging news, the incident in the "dream of Taoyuan" (Chongqing Youyang the Peach Garden national AAAAA level scenic spots) in front of the gate, about 10 people with machetes and hoe to chase a man, cut off the car fled the recoil. Youyang County Public Security Bureau through the official micro-blog reported that the 27 day at 17:30 PM, police alarm call a man cut in the vicinity of the Peach Garden Avenue north. After investigation, Yuan Mou (male, 32 years old, the local people) and ran a (male, 42 years old, the local people) because of debt disputes caused by armed fighting to invite friends, Tianmou (male, 29 years old, the local people) of hand and leg injuries. Informed that, at present, Tianmou is being treated in hospital, no life-threatening. Yuanmou suspicion of affray criminal detention by the police, the police are trying to hunt down the rest of the people involved.相关的主题文章: