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Caravaggio: true to life is the truth of the glory of the original title: Caravaggio: true to life is the truth the glory of Caravaggio painting "with Goliath head David", in Goliath’s head that the artist image. And God said, let there be light. Caravaggio gave a beam of light, after the baptism of the sacred religion of Rome, according to the Rome, which was polluted and impoverished. There are a lot of things to say about Caravaggio, which he used to apply naturalism to the religious painting. The artistic achievement, as people and his picture, his violent character and nature. Only he can conclude that he is not good at the police station of the thick stubble case bottom, but some people protested that this was a genius in times of chaos under the "sober". Some people think that the deep black and dazzling light in his picture is the embodiment of his own extreme personality, and some people argue that the bottom of the crowd as the prototype of the Bible is exactly the embodiment of his empathy. After the poor, famous and prominent, to annihilation is found again, the only people living at the age of 38, leaving more than 60 works of painters had unlimited enthusiasm, hope to dig out more hidden stories, from him about Rome, about religion, in art, but also about human nature. In the middle of October 2016, the "Caravaggio" exhibition held by the The National Gallery in Britain was also an attempt. The exhibition will start from the legendary artist, also brought from the painter was influenced by his works Italy, France and Holland, Spain, on the late Renaissance artists how to influence his age. This will be the UK’s first exhibition of Caravaggio and his followers, to re-examine the "Caravaggio doctrine" of the art trend. Caravaggio painting "the Caravaggio doctrine" shuiguolan delivered from oppression to the name of Caravaggio is a revolutionary in the history of art, he that is full of tension, even almost brutal naturalism, and his use of the light and dark contrast, has profound implications for the same period and later European artists. There are Aolaqiao · Jane Tiliesiji (Orazio Gentileschi), Valentin · de · Brun (Valentin de Boulogne) and Gerrit van · · hondt Khost (Gerrit van Honthorst), they all draw different nutrients from Caravaggio’s works, and his style spread throughout europe. However, in seventeenth Century, the "Caravaggio doctrine" by the prevailing classical shock, this school of painting artists gradually withdrew from the mainstream, gradually disappeared, until the beginning of twentieth Century revived, then set off a new wave of research. Derek, the British director, · the most dramatic event in the life of Caravaggio相关的主题文章: