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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Enid Blyton also known as Mary Pollock was noted for her numerous series of books. This famous English writer wrote books for different age groups. Enid Blyton books are still widely read all over the world, as the language used in her books is simple and therefore very easy to understand. During her 40-year career, she wrote approximately 800 books, which is estimated to have sold over 600 million copies. Most of her works can be categorized into adventure stories, boarding school stories and fantasy stories, which sometimes involved magic. Apart from novels, she has written songs, poems and short stories. Her personal life was laden with controversies as revealed through the publication of her daughter Imogen’s autobiography, A Childhood at Green Hedges. Though it shows Enid Blyton in a poor light, the world that she opened for her young readers through her books was one filled with friendship, love and togetherness. Her Successful Works The Noddy Books The Five Find- Outers The Famous Five series The Secret Seven series The Malory Towers series The Magic Faraway Tree series The Circus series The Wishing-Chair series The Barney Mystery series The Secret series The St. Clares series The Mistletoes Farm series Of the successful works, the most popular are the Noddy, the Famous Five, the Five Find-Outers and the Secret Seven. Noddy It is the story of a wooden boy named Noddy who lives in Toyland. Noddy is characterized as a simple, charming and a nave toy that gets into trouble often because of its confusions and misunderstandings. The child like nature of Noddy and its innocent looking eyes have endeared Noddy to all the kids throughout the world. That answers for the innumerable television shows telecasted all over the world. The other important characters are Big-Ears, Mr. Plod, Mr. Wobbly Man, and Bumpy Dog. Famous Five The Famous Five series revolves around the adventures of four children – Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina and their dog Timothy. Of the detective series, the Famous Five is the most popular and widely read. There will not be a single kid who has not read any of the books of the series. Even today more than 2 million copies of the books are sold each year. This series include 21 full-length novels. Secret Seven The book features the adventures of the secret society of a group of seven children Peter, Ja., Jack, Colin, Ge.e, Pam and Barbara and their dog a golden Spaniel Scamper. This series include 15 books. Almost all the works of Enid Blyton transport the readers to a world where children are the masters. They make decisions without any adult interference. Since the children are shown in good light, it is definitely a good pick for children. Therefore, buy books online, gift it to your children and take them to the world of adventure, suspense, fantasy and friendship. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: