Beijing – VIDEO – Xiamen Overseas, the first to welcome new China Xiamen Airlines charter custom esc

Beijing – VIDEO – Xiamen Overseas, the first to welcome new China Xiamen Airlines charter custom escort Xiamen Overseas campus first to welcome new Chinese Xiamen Airlines charter custom escort [comment] Chinese mainland universities first overseas Campus — the first student at the Xiamen University in Malaysia Chinese, September 20th aboard Xiamen Airlines flight MF823 to Malaysia officially commenced. Xiamen Airline Co to build the "perfect tour" theme for the upcoming custom flight overseas reading Xiamen University Students escort. [comment] in the airport departure hall, reporters found that Xiamen Airlines staff in addition to the usual chest wearing name badge, also has a school of Xiamen University. Xiamen Airlines responsible person told the reporter, the staff are wearing Xiamen badge is ShaHang in Xiamen University Graduates work. At the check-in counter, they patiently set for luggage Shidishimei protective cover hanging Xiamen Airlines customized luggage tag. The same period [] Xiamen Airline Co deputy general manager Cai Castle (navigation) this class is a special charter, custom charter, and the charter is very distinctive, we from the flight crew, the crew, including the ground service personnel, are university graduates, so the whole cabin inside very Xiamen such elements inside. [comment] Xiamen staff said that this year, Malaysia for the first time through the college entrance examination enrolls 440 students in 14 provinces in mainland Chinese. The same period [] Xiamen University staff Zhang Wenyu (Malaysia) we have 12 majors, including 12 professional Chinese, news management, computer, and ocean energy, are the advantages of disciplines Xiamen, we only set up the 12 disciplines, that these students are 14 provinces from the mainland. [comment] boarded the plane, flight cabin exclusive decoration, let the children and University spots. The prestigious Xiamen Airlines kitchen feature more unique, for Fujian Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables line, and other characteristics of Malay fried rice meal, Xiamen Airlines also customized for each student notebook, campus card sets and bookmarks, everywhere Xiamen elements, let the students feel warm. The same period [] Xiamen University Malaysia student Wang Yanjun up (see characteristic decoration), I was scared, you would feel (Xiamen Airlines staff) are very carefully, especially for us these. On the other side (Malaysia) is not familiar with, will be nervous, and then the university life will look forward to, and then at the airport with parents say goodbye, will be a lot of. [comment] in nearly 5 hours of journey, freshmen and attendant Shixiongshijie to talk about the University wish, versatile classmates is a talent show, they used to carry the violin, guitar playing a wonderful song, as if the cabin altitude of 10000 meters Xiamen Airlines became concert. Graduated from the Xiamen purser leaf ring on a plane to be busy, she told reporters, very honored to be able to go abroad to study for the first time the alumni service. The same period [] Xiamen Airline Co purser leaves ring as I am a graduate of Xiamen University, then to sister Road相关的主题文章: