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The leakage of Beijing – VIDEO – Gansu Lanzhou gas emergency emergency management personnel in Gansu Lanzhou gas leak emergency personnel emergency disposal [comment] 14 October 7th 04, Gansu Lanzhou Kunlun oil and Gas Company Limited staff inspections found that Lanzhou city is located in the main building before the vehicle lane double gates of the United States a underground gas pipeline leak. Gas Co emergency personnel rushed to the scene for disposal. After receiving the report, Lanzhou City Vice Mayor Yu Jingdong for the first time arrived at the scene immediately organized investigation. Lanzhou City Construction Bureau, fire protection, public security, industry office, Chengguan District government, streets and other departments quickly arrived at the scene with the Gas Co to develop the program. Lanzhou fire command center alarm, the deployment of Dongfanghong square in Lanzhou city and Donggang two squadron 7 car 49 people rushed to the scene within a short period of time. [] Gansu period Kunlun oil Gas Co safety management minister Zhang Shengbao today at two four in the afternoon, when the inspection personnel inspection found suspected gas leak, we first time emergency personnel arrived at the scene closed upstream and downstream of the valve, and the warning and emergency evacuation, the city authorities received a report to the scene as soon as possible to jointly develop the repair scheme. Taking into account the traffic in the afternoon, we decided to start at ten p.m. (at night) at night to repair the rescue, should be able to catch up in the morning to be able to resume normal ventilation 22. [comment] Gansu Kunlun oil Gas Co management minister Zhang Shengbao told News Agency reporters, in view of the fact that natural gas is flammable, explosive and other characteristics, after the incident, the traffic police closed the road, firefighters out two gun gas dilution, emergency disposal after an hour, the closed section has been restored to traffic. Due to the disposal is very prompt and timely, the scene has not caused casualties and secondary disasters. [] Gansu period Kunlun oil Gas Co safety management minister Zhang Shengbao day once the gas leak controlling is not good, because it determines the characteristics of natural gas, flammable and explosive, but also not timely control the occurrence of secondary disasters of the other. Li Yalong Gansu Lanzhou相关的主题文章: