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Beijing Tibet will copyright output into a bright spot – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Lu Yanxia) Beijing International Book Fair is Chinese International Exhibition Center (New) held the copyright of "going out" the signing ceremony has become a major highlight of the show. Yesterday, the representative of the Chinese Network Literature Tang family with a few new books for you, I am willing to love the whole world appeared in the scene. He said, this autobiography describes his wife of 16 years and the companionship of the touching love, and from his youth unemployment to annual income of billions of dollars of real counter attack story. Publishers revealed that the listing of two months, the book sales volume has reached 200 thousand copies of copyright exported to South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The South Korean agency President Jin Chunxi said that the Korean version of "for the sake of you, I am willing to love the whole world" will be listed in South Korea in 2017. Tang three little, by day volume published "" startling step by step "that piece of the sky, the sea" "good," and many other popular touch head writers have published by the South Korean agency. Not only popular books are favored by foreign publishers, but also some publications are starting to go abroad. Qingdao Publishing Group Australia Wilton International Group, Matt Hiker of Egypt cultural investment publishing company, jointly launched the Arabic version of a large photo album "new Long March" Chinese?. According to reports, in 2011, Qingdao Publishing Group invested $1 million, launched the "China – New Long March" project. The creative team is composed of two foreign writers and 14 well-known Chinese and foreign photographers, they lasted more than two months long march, made a total of more than 20 thousand wonderful pictures, the final selection of the more than 600 pieces of the most representative works, with an international perspective layout into a book. Some academic publications Chushe overseas book market. Yesterday, in the "University of Cambridge press press? Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony, the general manager Yu Dianli said," in the commercial press has been the Chinese modern academic masterpiece "in the" Chinese culture and China soldier "and" Chinese famine history "copyright authorization to University of Cambridge press. In addition, the commercial press and University of Cambridge press has collaborated in philosophy, history, law, political science and other disciplines, Cambridge more than 60 books authorized. Tibet will since opening in August 24th, the domestic press has held dozens of books will. Yesterday, the writer QinWenjun’s "Prince" Adventure Series promotion in Tibet will, this is a book on child growth and response to environmental books. South Publishing & Media Group General Manager Ding Shuangping in promotion conference said, truly and deeply reflect the Chinese life book, with the "going out" attitude and confidence, and that there are many works of outstanding children. The day before yesterday, the famous children’s literature writer Cao Wenxuan "king of the book" series of Singapore English version in Tibet will be signing ceremony held at the scene. This is by far the most painstaking work of Cao Wenxuan, the most important work, but also his first fantasy children’s literature. Currently, the king book series has been published 5, in 2017 will launch a follow-up of 4, movies, games are also expected to launch.相关的主题文章: