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UnCategorized There’s not enough time! There are only 24 hours in the day! Not having enough time … it’s the #1 excuse for not exercising. Deadlines at work, appointments, family obligations … all clamour for your attention. The sales report is waiting on your desk … you have a meeting with the new marketing department head … there’s a seminar tomorrow and you haven’t even started your notes for it. Exercise gets shunted off to the side … it’s not a priority. Well … it should be. Make it one of the important activities of your day … make it a deadline to get in shape, make it an appointment, make it an obligation. Write it down. It’s that important! ~ Exercise for Success ~ When you’re under pressure … it’s easy to make excuses and not exercise. You’re tired, you can’t afford the time. But, most successful people find the time. And because they find the time … they are successful. You see … when you don’t exercise, you get out of shape … when you’re out of shape, you can’t work efficiently. Tasks take longer to .plete … ideas don’t flow easily. In the end, you actually put yourself under more pressure. Exercise can contribute to your success … it can help you meet those deadlines … be ready for those appointments … have the energy for those family obligations. You see, exercise is a great way to give yourself a break. It gets rid of the pressure … it frees your mind. Getting more exercise will help you lose that tired feeling. When you get your body moving … your heart pumping … your lungs breathing fresh air in deeply … you refresh your body. Suddenly, you feel a reserve of energy that you thought was gone. Your day a positive experience. The benefits of getting even a little exercise are many. ~ Wake Up the Little Grey Cells ~ Even if you only go for a brisk walk … this great exercise will shed some stress and sharpen your thinking. As you get the heart rate ramping up a bit … more oxygen gets to your tired brain … tissues get nourished and it can work more clearly. Soon, your seeing things from new angles. You could waste the whole day trying to solve a problem … or you could go for a good walk, clear your mind, and have the solution handed to you on a silver platter. Yes … exercise pays off. Not just in fitness, but in a mind and body that function better and give you peak performance. And peak performance means you’ll get things done in record time. Still think you don’t have enough time to exercise? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: