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The first 500 million China SDR denominated bonds three year interest rate is only 0.49% yuan in the pure week will officially join the SDR (SDR) as a global scale for the first time in the form of public issue SDR denominated bonds issued in the China success. In August 31st, the central bank announced on the official website, the day before, the World Bank (IBRD) the SDR (SDR) China denominated bonds in the inter-bank bond market successfully issued, issue size of 500 million SDR (about 4 billion 660 million yuan), for a period of 3 years, the RMB as the settlement currency. The central bank said that the issue attracted banks, securities, insurance and other domestic investors as well as the monetary authorities, international development institutions and other institutions active subscription of 50, subscription multiples of up to 2.47. As the lead Bookrunner of the bond and the joint lead underwriter, Tencent finance learned from the ICBC, the world bank bonds registered a total of 2 billion SDR, the first issue of the size of 500 million SDR, the coupon rate is 0.49%, which is the world’s first single since the 1981 issue of the SDR denominated bonds, and globally for the first time in the form of public issue SDR denominated bonds. SDR is a reserve asset and unit of account created by the International Monetary Fund, whose value is determined by a basket of currencies, including the dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound. Compared with the single currency denominated bonds, SDR bonds denominated in a more stable income, exchange rate volatility is lower, which can realize the function of hedging, contribute to the realization of financial asset allocation diversification and internationalization, reduce the risk of exposure, effectively hedge the single currency exchange rate risk. December 1, 2015, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that the RMB will be added to the SDR in October 1, 2016, which is an important milestone in the process of internationalization of the rmb. In order to expand the use of SDR, the people’s Bank of China has released its foreign exchange reserves, balance of payments and international investment positions in SDR. The issue of SDR bonds, will further expand the scope of the use of SDR. The central bank said that the next step, the central bank will continue to improve the SDR bonds trading, clearing and other arrangements, and constantly improve the liquidity of SDR bonds, and further promote the opening and development of China’s bond market. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: