At present, the oldest living female Red Army Wang Dingguo snow freezing off 1 toes – Beijing

At present, the oldest living female Red Army Wang Dingguo: snow freezing off 1 toes – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 27th news (reporter Ma Chuang Feng Yue) according to voice of Chinese "news and newspaper summary" report, the 104 year old Wang Dingguo is currently the oldest surviving female Red Army, she witnessed the difficult process of China the Communist revolution, also witnessed the great achievements of the Party led the people made in reform and opening up. Wang Dingguo was born in 1913 in Sichuan, Yingshan Province, the long march is the unforgettable memory of her life. Three over the grass, five snow Wang Dingguo son Xie Yaxu said about his mother always is in the song in the process go through the Long March, past the hard times she rarely mentioned. Xie Yaxu: two foot nine toes, one less, this is in the snow when the toes to freeze out, as she said it is easy. According to our words, the revolutionary optimism is supporting her. Wang Dingguo recalls the past years in a 2004 interview: when the central said not to return to northern Shaanxi, in Lanzhou, the people there to take over, I put a person at the door outside in the day, when people come to take in, or by the Kuomintang get run, then back several thousand people. There. Through a close call in the smoke of war Wang Dingguo life of faith is to make more contributions to the party and the people. In 1984, after retirement, Wang Dingguo announced to the children that I have been taking care of you and your father for years, and now I am going to do my thing. After nearly 30 years, she participated in the preparation of China’s next generation of care committee and the Commission on the aging of China, contributed to the promulgation of China’s old age law. The three son of Wang Dingguo Xie lie: a strong sense of social responsibility, a strong desire to work, I called up more than endless struggle of life, is such a person.相关的主题文章: