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Jewelry-Diamonds Jewelry has be.e a popular seller online in recent years, so you’re bound to see thousands of designs while shopping for jewelry on the Web. How do you choose what type of jewelry and where to buy it? It’s easy with this free shopping guide. Types of Jewelry Finding the right type of jewelry involves several factors: favorite designs or styles, colors and size of the jewelry. Matching Jewelry with Your Outfit Everyone has his or her favorite jewelry designs or styles. Whether it’s silver or gold, costume jewelry or any other type, there are thousands of designs to choose from. Let’s start with stones. Stones are used in rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even body jewelry. There are real diamonds, birthstones, cubic zirconium, crystal stones, gems, pearls, black onyx and many others. Some jewelry has multiple stones while some uses only one stone. Stones might represent one color or .e in a blend of colors. Choose stones that match the colors in your clothing for maximum appeal. But don’t stop there! You can also choose stones to match the occasion. Pearls are beautiful for formal gatherings, but not so much for a ball game! On the other hand, a black onyx necklace or bracelet would go beautifully with a business suit or formal attire. Another part of design to consider is how the jewelry is presented against clothing or the skin. Do you like jewelry to "hang" loosely or lay flat? Do you like necklaces to be long, short (against the neck) or somewhere in between? The best way to find out is to try on several pieces of jewelry to see what looks best on you. If possible, wear your matching outfit when you go shopping for jewelry. This enables you to match the jewelry to your outfit right there in the store! If ordering online, hold your outfit near the photo of the jewelry on your .puter screen to get a match. It really works! Theme Jewelry Theme jewelry is very popular today as well. Choose themes for the occasion or just to express your likes. Some jewelry themes include: *Animals (cows, birds, snakes, cats, frogs, rabbits, elephants, leopards, etc.) *Nature (trees and flowers) *Holidays (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving) *Patriotic *Funny (clowns, jokers, sayings *Religious (crosses, emblems) Jewelry Gifts When shopping for jewelry gifts, observe the jewelry the recipient wears to get an idea of the styles they like. Consider the recipient’s age. Is he/she an adult, teen or young child? Shopping online enables you to search for jewelry by category: Women’s Jewelry, Men’s Jewelry, Children’s Jewelry, and Teen Jewelry. This makes it much easier to sift through thousands of jewelry products. Online Shopping Tips When searching for jewelry on the Web, be sure to narrow your search to the types of jewelry you like. Use the styles and themes mentioned above to narrow your search. It’s even better if you can find an online mall and search for jewelry all in one place. These malls offer categorized jewelry items with photos for easy shopping. Don’t be shy of malls that offer other products. These usually divide their jewelry into one convenient section. You can even do your other online shopping while there. Many of the online malls offer a variety of products, including electronics, cell phones, outdoor supplies, sporting goods, .puter supplies, collectibles and many others. Shopping for jewelry has never been easier. With online resources, you can find jewelry for yourself or gifts for others in no time! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: