An interview with Jiang Jie, to do everyone willing to participate in the exhibition pp点点通2006

An interview with Jiang Jie, to do everyone willing to participate in the exhibition by the Nanjing baijiahu International Cultural Investment Group carefully build the third Nanjing international art exhibition will be opened in November 12th in Nanjing 100 Lake City Art museum. Since 2014, baijiahu international cultural investment group to build the Nanjing international art exhibition, has been successfully held two sessions. The third Nanjing international art exhibition curator LV Peng led by general Lady Chi A. Lagalia (Letizia Ragalia) joint exhibition, compared with the previous two, this exhibition will focus more on the professional, academic and international promotion, development, from the main exhibition frame to the topic of academic orientation of the detailed planning, and aims at the international art world of dialogue, in order to stimulate the artist’s spirit and creation create passion. As one who has been active in the forefront of contemporary art Chinese female sculptor, Jiang Jie curator Lu Peng invited also participated in the third Nanjing international art exhibition, art has been to her humanistic depth and keen female perspective of marginalized people and things. Her work is usually the micro and psychology, even those in scale sculpture or device works from her observation of fragile and perishable highly sensitive and subtle the existence of life, we can realize the classical aesthetics and contemporary concept of irreconcilable contradictions in her works, is also this contradiction gives her works a profound paradox and poetic charm. Jiang Jie artists do not need too much to define their own works in November 5th, from the third session of the Nanjing international art exhibition opening last week, I went to the baijiahu Art Museum, the Museum of the exhibit is wildly beating gongs and drums. Into the first floor of the exhibition hall came to Jiang Jie booth, she is working with aides to discuss how to adjust the top of the booth lights to achieve the best performance. In November the Nanjing cold, Jiang Jie was wearing a short jacket with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow boots, sitting in the front of the container, works, and sometimes bowed meditation command exhibit, capable and calm, I saw the kindly waved sketch we approached. Before the Jiang Jie exhibition installation art works "less than half a ton", this is her 2014 "than the device works a smaller version of one and a half tons of", and this works both have great differences in the material, size, production style. Compared with before a strong impact of the brown tone "more than one and a half tons of", "less than one and a half tons of" in white color, using silk, gauze, lace, diamond and many other wedding dress material, lace, gauze, hook, wire rope, chain, the traces of flowing, in front of a some fantastic art installations. Jiang Jie’s 2014 works "more than a ton and a half" than "more than a ton and a half", "less than a ton and a half" more delicate, soft, it is not very aggressive, more recessive. The power of a good work of art has nothing to do with the volume of the artist is the expression of the artist, according to the expression of intent, these are the artists in the creation process needs to be controlled." Jiang Jie said. For the meaning of the work, she said: "every"相关的主题文章: