American Journal Japan Self Defense Force warships to the ridiculous ridiculous is not called aircra

American Journal: Japan Self Defense Force warships to the ridiculous is not called the aircraft carrier data map: the Japanese Sea since the main vessels regardless of size will be called frigate original title: the next step to build aircraft carrier? American magazine said the Japanese warships to a ridiculous point of Reference News Network reported on October 8th, the United States, "national interest" bimonthly website on the issue in September 16th, when the aircraft carrier is not an aircraft carrier? When the Japanese aircraft carrier when the article, the author for defense and national security issues writer Kell · ditch, compiled as follows: in today’s navy, some of the most outstanding performance of the ship was built in japan. 60 years later, Japan again will be equipped with the standard length of the flight deck of large ship and broad space, and through the carrier incorporated into the "Navy". Just don’t call the country "Navy" for the Navy, also don’t call the aircraft carrier. Japan currently has 3 aircraft "helicopter carrier": "on the" number, sister ship "Ise" and a large number of izumo. These 3 ships are like aircraft carriers, but because of political and engineering design will cause people’s concern, they are not considered aircraft carriers, the future will not become an aircraft carrier. Nevertheless, the current trajectory of Japan could eventually lead to an aircraft carrier, if necessary. After World War II, Japan renounced the right to war as a means of state action. The Japanese government authorized the establishment of self defense forces, that is, to defend the armed forces. The maritime self defense force is a well – known "Navy", subject to some major limitations: as a policy, the Japanese government has banned the construction of what is considered offensive weapons, especially aircraft carriers. Nevertheless, the Maritime Self Defense Forces in the past few decades has been seeking to transition to the Navy aviation. The core task of the maritime self defense force is to protect Japan’s sea lanes, so I hope to have an aircraft carrier, even if there is a similar to the British Royal Navy invincible class light aircraft carrier. Japan’s maritime self defense force planning team to achieve this purpose to implement a very long-term strategy. The last century at the end of 60s, the Maritime Self Defense Force built 2 ships haruna class helicopter destroyer. "Haruna" and its sister ship "used for assembling a helicopter flight deck and hangar space than half Rui no.. The main mission of the 2 ship is the mobile offshore platform acts as anti submarine helicopter. Japan has since built 2 vessels with similar white root class destroyer. No matter how you imagine, haruna and white root class destroyers are not carriers, but they are in the air sea power "test". Japan and later built the Dayu class landing ship. The ship is fully loaded with a displacement of 14000 tons, mainly used to transport ground troops between the islands of japan. Curiously, the ship is also equipped with standard length flight deck – although there is no ship hangar for storage and overhaul of aircraft, the real carrier is so far the highest similarity. 2009, the date of the water and let the Japanese Navy to take a big step in aviation. "Day" and its sister ship "Ise" up to 676 feet (about 1 feet) of about 0.3 meters, full load displacement of 19500 tons, even more than the displacement of the invincible light carrier. "Day" and "Ise" are equipped with 4)相关的主题文章: