A smile is up to you Zheng Shuang look at all kinds of short hair Cute points (video) 霍金hawking

A smile is up to you? See Zheng Shuang hair lovely topic constantly in the TV version plus "smile is Qingcheng" will landing in the East and Jiangsu satellite TV today! Today is just Zheng Shuang’s 25 birthday, you wish since the cool orange girl Happy birthday Kazakhstan Zheng Shuang debut hair from the rain Qian to slightly change the road with beautiful cool girl have to say is her latest new hairstyle. Her long hair fluttering in the play is very touching ah. But now the cool sister is a cute BOBO short hair. At the press conference, she looked more pure and lovely than her long hair. BOBO head this simple fresh have up to you? In fact, not long ago, the cool sister had cut a fake short hair. After the short and long before the long curly perm makes cool sister looks more plump face, but also with a trace of mature charm. While the summer solstice conference really cool girl · hair also brighten. In the air and the outer shape of the Alice bangs hair as she added a woman. In contrast, the current BOBO head is more concise without losing details. As compared with ordinary wave head, air bangs and certain fringe radian makes the whole more natural and well behaved. The inner buckle hair tail better modified face, make the face look thinner than the cool girl a little more rounded, more lovely. Cool sister in a variety of shapes between the transformation of free, it seems that BOBO head really fit her ah. And cool sister, like long hair cut BOBO head more tired of the United States and they oh. Amber Kuo Tang Yan Yuan Shanshan style variety, but also different collocation bangs, grooming and the reduction of BOBO head age can be said to be the hair in the fighters. The last sentence: do you want to come up with a suitable BOBO head?相关的主题文章: