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4 young German girls raped 3 people sentenced to probation people: a review of the Sohu news Germany several teenagers raped a 14 year old girl, but was obviously qingpan, triggered a huge controversy recently. In February this year, 4 teenagers in Hamburg, Germany, a gang raped a girl of the age of 14, and then threw her out of the cold outdoors, almost killed her. The process of committing the crime was shot by another partner girl video. The injured girl was found to have low temperature symptoms, was an emergency rescue. The court ruled on the case last week. Although the judge found that the perpetrators "like garbage" to treat the injured girl, but still with the suspect pleaded guilty to "repentance" on the grounds, aged 14 years old, 16 years old and 3 teenagers at the age of 17, sentenced to probation, and to another 21 year old suspect was sentenced to 4 years in prison and executed immediately. After the verdict was announced, prosecutors immediately filed an appeal. Many German people signed a petition, request a retrial, 3 probation in jail. Only a week, the petition was signed nearly 90 thousand people. In July this year, the German federal parliament unanimously passed a new bill, extended judicial definition about sex crimes, in order to reduce the legal threshold of sexual assault suspects from prosecution, further protection of women. According to the new law, as long as the women say "no", which constitutes a legal sense of "Refusal", the sexual assault can constitute rape. Earlier, the German original sexual crime law, victims only verbally say "no" is not enough to constitute rape facts, and make it in action against sexual assault in the process. Female rights groups criticized the law as well as outdated, sex offenders against female victims also unpunished, report the case, held the responsibility of the enthusiasm. Xinhua news agency, special feature相关的主题文章: