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150 million! Nubian Suning football sponsor: will push football custom mobile phone – Sohu digital since the beginning of the year, Suning injection of Nubia 1 billion 930 million yuan, and ZTE reached a strategic cooperation, the relationship between the two is more closely. Today, in Jiangsu Suning football club new season departure ceremony, Nubian spent 150 million yuan to become the main sponsor of the 2016 in the super stadium, and won the game in the super stadium all Jersey chest advertising, Suning football team will also speak of a full range of nubia. Ni Fei, general manager of Nubia smartphone, attended the formal signing of Liu Jun, general manager of Suning football club. At the same time, the two sides will also carry out all-round cooperation in football development, brand promotion, new product release, marketing activities and other aspects, including Nubian fans custom mobile phones, Nubian football training camp, etc.. At the press conference, the newly introduced players in the new season of Suning Football Club held the Nubia Z9 for the first time at the ceremony, and also showed their uniforms in the new season of the Suning football club. Suning Group Chairman Zhang Jindong said in his speech, the target of the club is three years ahead of the Super League champions, five years on the summit of Asia, but he also asked the team not instant success, the pursuit of the results, but to Lianhaoneigong, tamp foundation, step by step construction.

1.5亿!努比亚成苏宁足球主赞助商:将推足球定制手机-搜狐数码  自年初,苏宁以19.3亿元注资努比亚,并与中兴达成了战略合作,二者的关系就更加紧密了。   今天,在江苏苏宁足球俱乐部新赛季出征仪式上,努比亚斥资1.5亿元成为2016年其在中超赛场主赞助商,并获得其在中超赛场所有比赛球衣胸前广告,苏宁足球队也将为努比亚全方位代言。   努比亚智能手机总经理倪飞出席并与苏宁足球俱乐部总经理刘军正式签约。   与此同时,双方还将在足球发展、品牌宣传、新品发布、营销活动等方面进行全方位合作,包括努比亚球迷定制手机、努比亚足球训练营等。   发布会上,苏宁足球俱乐部新赛季新引进的球员手持nubia Z9首次在出征仪式上亮相,一同亮相的还有苏宁足球俱乐部新赛季比赛球衣。   苏宁集团董事长张近东在发言中表示,俱乐部的既定目标是三年内问鼎中超冠军,五年内登上亚洲之巅,不过他也要求球队不要急功近利,追求近期的成绩,而是要练好内功,夯实基础,一步步完善建设。相关的主题文章: